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 Winning, Winning, Winning by Mark Cahill

Scripture(s): Romans 3:19-20  
Description: Are you testifying about the Lord? Mark Cahill shows how souls are won through properly using the law (such as the Ten Commandments) to bring a person to see they are a "complete, total pagan sinner". Then and only then can one truly see their need for a Savior in Jesus Christ.
Sermon Comments (2)

 Practical tips for witnessing 
I gave this a 3, as I thought that "Being a Light in a Dark Place" presented the same message much stonger with more practical witnessing helps. I have listened to four of Cahill's sermons here and I have been stirred and blessed! I really appreciate his sobriety about eternity, passion and compassion for souls, a vibrant example, and a good teacher. I highly recommend these to anyone seeking a boost in sharing their faith with others. On the other side, I caution that an overemphasis on human wisdom and apologetics (defending truth to a natural mind) is not the main thing. Paul relied upon preaching Christ and Him crucified by revelation of the Spirit vs. explanation to the natural unbelieving mind (see 1 Cor. 1:18-2:5). Jesus' main emphasis was total reliance upon the Holy Spirit to be a witness (Acts 1:8). A little bit of salt can make a meal appetizing, but I don't eat salt. Preach Christ as the message, and use Mark's tips as helpful ways to get there.

 Humility a virtue 
I enjoyed Marks sermon but was somewhat troubled by the tone of some of his comments. I can see that Mark has a heart for lost souls, but also feel a sense of pride in Mark about his witnessing to so called sports stars. Mark obviously has the opportunity to be around these individuals that are worshipped as if they were God themself by the general public. I understand that Marks ministry revolves around athletes. I can see that Mark means well and is sincere. It takes much strength and love to be a sounding horn,but we must be careful not to get puffed up as God uses us. I sense pride as he name drops throughout his sermon.This is the first time I have heard a sermon from Mark and therefore do not want to criticize unfairly. I am sure that he is picking up his cross daily as we all will continue to grow in his Christian walk daily. May the Lord bless him and continue to use him as He sees fit.

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