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Audio Sermons : Art Katz :  True and False Prophets - Part 2

 True and False Prophets - Part 2 by Art Katz

Topic: True Prophets
Description: A two tape series spoken at a prophetic conference in March 2000. Art attempts to define the characteristic differences between the false and the true especially in the light of the recent 'popularity' of this calling.
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 True Prophets 
God certainly has those who see the future. Probably in this day, true prophets are not followed. It's too hard a lifestyle for unrepentant souls to follow godly men and women. Jesus did warn us that false Christs and false prophets would arise and deceive many. For us who follow our Lord Jesus, we were told we would know them by their fruits. There are other ways to know them, of course, and Jesus didn't say the only way to know them was by their fruits. But fruits works. Regardless of how many follow those we have concerns about whether they are true servants of God or not, one of the keys is, do they point the flock to Jesus and His Words or do they avoid what He said to us. There is anointing and prophecy that comes true, but that does not guarantee the person is living a holy life. It doesn't automatically make them false, either. Besides looking at Where they point others, look at where they lead their own selves; their actual lives. Their own compass should point heavenw

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