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 Evolution or Creation by Dr. A.E. Wilder-Smith

Topic: Evolution
Scripture(s): Romans 1  
Description: In the debate between creation vs. evolution, the fundamental nail in evolution theories coffin is the field of study known as information science. All existing life exists as a result of information, organized information. Statistical analysts understand that information does not arise by chance. AE Wilder-Smith shows in this discussion how to understand information theory, and how it proves creationism to be the only logical viewpoint. Matter is not self-organizing; it is merely a medium for information. Smith discusses the classic debate between Bishop Wilberforce and Aldous Huxley concerning the watch-maker. He shows the fallacy of Huxley’s argument. If you are not familiar with this debate it is a rather essential understanding in order to unravel the Gordian-Knot of evolution theory. Smith argues in this teaching how important creationism understandings are because man is accountable to God upon the basis of God being revealed through nature.
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