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 Nahshon by Ron Bailey

Topic: Bible Characters
Description: Brother Ron follows the well-to-do life of a little commented on man in scripture¬ÖNahshon. You will discover how a man who had it all together on the outside missed it all together on the inside. Step into the shoes of a prominent family of the tribe of Judah as you witness the tragedy of faithless failure, contrasted against a very surprising demonstration of faith. The whole sermon builds up to a shocking crescendo at the very end.
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 Rightly Divided 
If you want to hear an example of what it means to rightly divide the word of God, and an example of exegisis with a theme, this sermon will teach you A.) How this is done well, B) An amazing lesson of what is on the line. Brother Ron dramatically emphasizes how serious this walk with God is. Faith in God is not a game. If we listen well, we may be offered a serious dose of spiritual gravity.

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