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 (Psalm 119) 1 - Blessed Are The Undefiled by Charles Ciepiel

Topic: Godly Music
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Sermon Comments (2)

 Quality and Worshipful Rendition of Psalm 119 
Ditto what ChrisJD said. To hear the entire Psalm, you need to get all 22 parts, corresponding to the 22 Hebrew letters. This first one is probably my own favorite. I felt a few of the later ones departed a bit from the brightness and meditativeness that comes through the first few. I wouldn't mind if the composer would release a more serene version of those, but still a fine work overall.

 Psalm 119(Meditations on the excellencies of the Word of God) 
This is a high quality recording of the 119th Psalm, sung and set to music. The recording follows the divisions of the psalm according to the letters of the Hebrew alphabet - from Aleph to Tau. The psalm is sung with great skill and passion and is set to a beautifull accompaniment of music on the piano.

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