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 A Prayer for Revival by David Guzik

Scripture(s): Habakkuk 3:2  
Description: Guzik illustrates how conversion of sinners follows transformation of life, which follows conviction of sin as the Spirit is poured out on the Church. It is an immensely practical teaching encouraging self-examination and personal restoration to broadening one's prayer life for others. He tackles theological debates on how revival comes, "Is it just a soverign work of God?" or "Is it the right use of appropriate means?" Guzik cited a number of fascinating examples from J. Edwin Orr's book about the Second Great Awakening in Britain.
Sermon Comments (1)

 Great teaching on revival and awakening 
Very similar to Guzik's sermon called "How To Pray For Revival". I appreciated Guzik's treatment of how revivals occur, not so believing God's sovereignty that it makes us pacifists, nor yet just man just doing XY & Z to make a revival happen. "Revival comes from God. It's a work of mercy, not of cause and effect. Prayer is our recognition that revival comes from God." I really admire William Booth, so I was glad to hear the testimonies he quoted from Orr's book.

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