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Audio Sermons : Chuck Smith :  (Through The Bible) 1 Samuel 26-31

 (Through The Bible) 1 Samuel 26-31 by Chuck Smith

Scripture(s): 1 Samuel 26-31  
Description: In the wilderness area where David was hiding there are lots of places to hide and spot out people moving about. David is a very daring and courageous person, he sneaks out into the camp of Saul and creeps right into the cave where Saul was sleeping. David said who can stretch out his hand against the anointed of God. Even though the anointing has left Saul; David still had a deep respect for Gods calling and use of King Saul. Some people murmur and complain against pastors and think they can do a better job then the pastor. There needs to be a sense of Gods calling on a pastor and letting him hear from God of what he should be doing. Once a person gets his mind on critism then it grows and grows and becomes a cancer and they become critical in all things. There needs to be a respect for Gods calling on a man in authority. God was still using King Saul and had plans for his life and its awesome to see David recognize that even in the position he was in fleeing from Saul’s unjust attacks on him.
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