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Audio Sermons : Chuck Smith :  (Through The Bible) Leviticus 25-27

 (Through The Bible) Leviticus 25-27 by Chuck Smith

Scripture(s): Leviticus 25-27  
Description: Every seventh year you let what grows up just eat that. God said if you do this in the sixth year leaving the land it will be a triple crop so it will carry over to the 8th year. One day if a person who studies land and agriculture will realize that if you leave the land for 1 year every 7 years it will help the land be more plentiful. Letting the ground rest for 1 year what a concept. Chuck Smith is certain this is a physical law of God and it is true. God sent Israel into Babylon because they would not give the land rest, so God sent them for Babylon for 70 years to let the land rest. Let the land grow wildly so that there are servants and poor people that could eat from the land. Every 50 years it was the year of jubilee, all depts. And mortgages were cancelled and all slaves set free. It is like Pentecost, a special year of jubilee. The various laws of redemption are given in these chapters. We in the new covenant are redeemed in Christ but in the Old Covenant, the slaves in the 7th year was set free. We are less then years away from 6000 years of slavery to sin. There is a 1000 year millennium coming.
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