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Audio Sermons : Chuck Smith :  (Through The Bible) Leviticus 21-24

 (Through The Bible) Leviticus 21-24 by Chuck Smith

Scripture(s): Leviticus 21-24  
Description: The Priest had a 2-fold function, to stand before God for the people. And then stand before the people in the stead of God. If you touched a dead body you could not enter into the tabernacle. The priest could only touch the bodies of the immediate family or else they would be defiled. Also they were not to make baldness on their heads, some people used to make vows by shaving the head. I am the Lord that sanctifies you that is Holy, that was how God revealed Himself to the priests. If any man had a blemish he could not be a priest and approach God, so there were physical disqualifications for approaching God in the Old Covenant. You are not to offer to God any animal that had a blemish, God did not want the cast off’s. I will sacrifice to God something that costs me anything-said David in reference to the threshing floor story. We want to give of our surplus. In giving to God in freewill always, and always the best. Honoring God and showing our love to God giving God the best we have is important indeed.
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