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Audio Sermons : Art Katz :  (The Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy) Against False Prophets

 (The Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy) Against False Prophets by Art Katz

Topic: False Prophets
Scripture(s): Jeremiah 23:14-40  
Description: We read in the book of Jeremiah severe warnings and an outcry against prophets who have gone astray and lead God's people along with them in their web of deceit. The greatest malady in the Church today is the lack of the fear of God. May we examine ourselves to see if we are in the faith and the faith that is truly rooted in God's Word!
Sermon Comments (8)

 Matt. 7:13-14 Enter Through the Straight and Narrow Way Unto Life. 
Art Katz exposes Western Christianity and Sunday Service as very predictable, weightless, and mechanically programmed. I also agree with Art, and view it as a soulish charismatic enterprise, confirming and affirming people with the precepts of men. They welcome religious celebrities, endorsing them as great speakers, giving them high exposure and platforms, to create great excitement and adrenaline. Jeremiah 23:1-6 speaks about these charismatic false prophets that scattered the righteous people of God. The true righteous people of God will choose to follow God fully as Caleb; Numbers 14:24.

A warning to hold dear the things of God. Not to be caught up in the soulish fervor of the moment, but to test the Spirits, and weigh the words of the prophet/preacher, if they be of God and from God. What a message. Excellent. There is so much packed in these messages, and they prick me to the heart. Thank God for Art's ministry, that he did not balk at bringing forth God's warnings, and desired for us to get to God!!

 Take heed 
My advice on this sermon would be "Take heed all those who claim to speak for the Lord." You better think twice. art preaches from Jerimiah 23. IMO, the "faith & prosperity movement" as gone a bit too far and this message from Art Katz gives stern warnings. If you've come thru the Jesus Movement & listen to Copeland, Hagan, Hinn, Fred Price, etc, this message is for you!

Katz's message is always startling, fresh, and pointed. Bless God for His servant and the message He put in his mouth.

 A word from God 
I recomend this sermon to everybody, especialy churh leaders. We need this in a church that seems to have less and less discernment. Brother Art says it exactly the way it is. False profets are very subtle. But what they say, "is evel because it does not come from God" even if it sounds religious.

 Flase Prophets and Fleshly Prophecy 
Strong word on what a ture prophet is and is not. Those who act in the role of prophet must make sure that God truly is speaking and not attempt to use God as some sort of endorsement.

 God send us the fire,hammer of your Word!!! 
a message to examine ourselves if we are in the faith,with so much running around in the church today with its sophisticated programs is very easy to get caught up and entangled by these false prophets using the name of the Lord for their own gain,like brother Katz says we all need to repent even if we never run with them,the fact that we are part of the same generation makes us feel guilty,may the Lord help us sound the trumpet when we are sent by Him.

 False prophets 
Art Katz gives a very good message about preaching and prophecying in the flesh. Beginning his sermon from the Old Testament(Jeremiah 23:32) he brings this prophecy into the New Testament application and a latter day revelation of apostate preaching. A good challenge for the spirit filled believer to watch his/her words(Psalm 141:3) and for each Christian to "take heed that no man deceive you."

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