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Audio Sermons : Roy Hession :  Spiritual Famine

 Spiritual Famine by Roy Hession

Topic: Spiritual Famine
Scripture(s): 2 Samuel 21, 1 Peter 2:24  
Description: "Our experience in Christ is supposed to be a land that flows with milk and honey," says Roy Hession. Hession illustrates God's ways in revival by looking at the famine that took place in David's reign and seeing the resolution, ultimately bringing our sins to Calvary and realizing that Christ has been made a curse for us by hanging upon the tree.
Sermon Comments (1)

 Decent info about Christ a curse for us (from OT perspective) 
I liked the insight Hession had in the appeasing of the wrath of the Gibeonites (1 Sam 21) and how that related to Jesus dying for our sins. Some of the shadows of the Old Testament and how they were fulfilled in Christ were explained. The audio was a bit poor, which made it somewhat challenging to follow. I found it more good information for further study rather than a lot of personal edification.

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