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 Prevailing Prayer by Gerhard Du Toit

Topic: Prevailing Prayer
Scripture(s): James 5:10-20  
Description: In this message brother Gerhard shares his heart on a subject that characterizes his life. He breaks down some commonly help ideas of what prevailing prayer is, and shares many great stories and examples from great saints of God that had remarkable prayer communion times with the Lord. This message will stir your heart and confront you with the question, does the Lord want you to have a life of prevailing prayer?
Sermon Comments (1)

 Great examples of Prevailing Prayer. 
This is quite a good sermon and is preached as part of a prayer advance conference. So there are alot of inside comments and allusions that really dont have much to do with the message. I really found his speaking about the prayer lifes of great men of God such as: George Whitefield, Robert Murray Mcheyne and William P. Nicholson. This sermon is just worth to hear these stories about these men. What an encouragement.

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