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 Dying to Self (Part 2 of 2) by Keith Green

Scripture(s): John 11:1-44  
Description: In this age of self-seeking and comfortable living, Keith shows that dying to self is not an option in the Christian life - it is the Christian life! A must for every Christian seeking to draw closer to God. Self-Denial is one of the most neglected themes of scriptural teaching in our day but it is crucial for salvation to experience this truth.
Sermon Comments (5)

 Good exposition of John 11 
Keith does a great job expounding on John 11. Back in Part 1 Keith emphasized what it means to deny ourselves in our practical life. Here in Part 2 it seems that the emphasis is more of what it means to deny ourselves in our way of thinking and how we have our own fixed ideas about the way God should work and do things. He shows how the people around Jesus (the disciples, Mary, Martha, Jews, etc.) all had their own ideas about what Jesus should have done. However, Keith explains how Jesus was trying to reveal God's glory in a different way than they all expected, that we should not cling to our own expectations about God, and try to fit Him into a box or our own way of thinking. . . This message has a little less of a direct challenge compared to Part 1, but the message still deals with important issues nonetheless.

 A forgotten mindset! 
We live in a age of christianity that has forgotten the vital teaching of "self-denial" which is so tied to regeneration that it is impossible to be truly saved and not know self denial. The cross came to crucify our selfishness.

 Simplicity 2 
Great again. Hey when Jesus says it isn't fatal, it isn't, even if it is, it isn't. If you belive in Jesus Christ, even though you die , you shall have everlasting life with Him. It's a pretty simple supernatural rule, but how long does it take to get this across to so many people, who don't see this, even though now we have the Holy Spirit? I know, they still think that god (with a big G)is in them, there is no God outside, the ego rules. Even against scripture! God is the same yesterday, today and forever more. Jesus Christ is God. When Jesus Christ hadn't died, then the Holy Spirit wouldn't be here with us now. Nothing goes against scripture, that is a Christian fact. Through this you see how Jesus, The Anointed one(Christ), is indeed our Savior. Keith Green used the second part of his sermon to explain this, even then it will not be clear to many people. Please pray to God for understanding, it'll work.

 Dying to Self 
Description: Dying to ones self is not something that you have wholly attained. It is the constant, daily struggle, (battle if you will) that one contends with. Not just daily, or hourly, but every minute. One of my favorite chapters of the Bible is Daniel, chapter ten. The battle was going one then, and is now. We must put on The Whole Armor of God! brolatham


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