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Audio Sermons : Carter Conlon :  Escape to the Mountain

 Escape to the Mountain by Carter Conlon

Topic: Overcoming
Scripture(s): Genesis 19:12-30,Luke 16:1-8,Psalm 121:1  
Description: All through scripture, throughout the lives of various saints, the call to come up to the mountain to let him reveal his heart to you. Spiritual laziness and prayerlessness will lead to the loss of passion for Christ and the inability to feed the sheep from the treasure of the Word. We can't know the heart of God until we let God lead us to the place of crucifixion of self. Let him preserve you from selfishness, and settling for less than he has for you. We are called to overcome, to rise above the beggardly elements of this world and stand victorious.
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 A message just for me! 
Two years ago I had a dream that I was in top of a mountain in a beautiful village, people dressed in white walking around, and beautiful angelic music playing. But then I saw myself in a car going down the mountain faster and faster till in a hard curve the car went over and I saw myself falling into an abyss. The car hit and soon I saw myself going under crystal clear water. I held my breath until I couldn't no more. I gasped thinking I was going to die but to my surprise I could take in air under the clear water. Then the angelical music return and with it a sense of peace. This dream became reality. It's been two years of confusion and turmoil for me. Last time I was in the mountain alI I wanted to do was the will of God. I loved God and all I wanted was him. But little by little I came down the mountain. But God has been talking to me and I've gain some of that beautiful communion that I used to have. This message put the cream on the cake for me. Im going back up to the mounta

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