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 The Cross and the Judgment by John Murray

Topic: Cross
Description: There is finality to death, warning us that we cannot come back to remedy lost opportunities; vain boasters who have made the earth tremble pass away, to the consolation of the meek; it is far better for God's people to go to the bliss of their Savior's presence; nothing between death and judgment can alter our destiny; God who searches the heart will adjudicate all with absolute equity, leaving nothing at loose ends; the reason men die is the same reason Christ was offered to bear sin: truth must be vindicated and justice executed; there is finality in Christ's offering because he made an end of sin; the focal point of expectation for God's people is not death but resurrection; we shall physically behold Christ at the resurrection, there is something material in the Christian hope; though Christ will judge the sins of his people, it will not be to burden them with their sins; he will bring the consummation of a salvation they have longed for but which will surpass all their hopes.
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