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 Why Doesn't My Christianity Work At Home by Neil Rhodes

Scripture(s): 1 Samuel 3:1,Matthew 12:14-19  
Description: When we get into strife, striving in our spirit, communicating and relating to others with harshness, or argumentative debate, that hinders the flow of God's power and presence in our lives. We need to have the power to not get into strife in our household, not be drawn into it. Not making loud demands of others. The Holy Spirit will not move over that. There won't be a noise and striving to be recognized. That is the person in whose life the Holy Spirit can be released. Some people nullify a good word from heaven because they get in strife, whether it's other's behaviors, or our own. When God gives us a word, he intends to stand by it. But when our lifestyle is out of order, it's hard for us to know God. It restricts what God wants to do in our homes. This is why Christianity doesn't work at home.
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