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Audio Sermons : Duncan Campbell :  Lacking One Thing

 Lacking One Thing by Duncan Campbell

Topic: Consecration
Scripture(s): 2 Kings 3:14-20  
Description: Campbell extracts principles for revival from 2 Kings 3 where the lack of water refers to the one thing that would ensure victory: the power of the Holy Ghost. The three main points were 1) the futility of mere human effort, 2) faith that wins through, and 3) the fulness that met the need. Brother Duncan powerfully illustrates a spirit of inquiry and an acknowledgement of need in the Arnol revival "when the farmhouse shook". "The digging may involve a cost," he challenged, a self-denial of forgetting oneself "in a desire to prepare the way for God."
Sermon Comments (2)

 Excellent preparation/inspiration for revival 
The accounting of the revival at Arnol (on Island of Lewis) is both gripping and inspiring. It just goes to show the power of one man who can lay hold of God! Campbell hits upon a number of practical heart-searching areas of not living under a self-created illusion of spirituality. He testifies of the lasting effects of revival, such as the drinking house at Arnol that closed down and was still boarded up 14 years later. Ministers testified to the spiritual vitality of churches years later back to the "consistency of young people saved in [the] '49 [revival of Lewis]."

Powerful word from 2 Kings 3. Again, if you are hungry for God sent revival, listen to this message.

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