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Audio Sermons : Art Katz :  Holiness or "Blessing"

 Holiness or "Blessing" by Art Katz

Topic: Holiness
Description: A cautionary word for the Church regarding its fascination with the present ¬ďrevival¬Ē phenomena. Art makes the point that there is nothing more to be coveted and cherished than the sense of God as He in fact is and not as we may have thought Him to be. If we lose this sense of God and the holiness of God, then what do we have and what is our witness?
Sermon Comments (4)

 very moving 
The truth of his statements hit very hard. The lightness with which we treat G-d and the Holy things of G-d is absolutely astounding. I am tried in the balance and found wanting. I am so grateful for men like Art who have been jealous for their God. How beautiful. He just makes one appreciate this Sacred thing in Christ that we have, and provokes a desire to serve Him in the beauty of holiness. I am truly humbled by this message. Thank you for it.

Still timely. I spent my teenage years jumping in and out of the "Toronto Blessing" and occasionally still dip a toe in here and there. But I've never been fully convinced of the validity of it and I've never seen very long-lasting fruit from it - although I have been "blessed". I agree with Brother Art that deeper blessing comes through the fellowship of His suffering rather than an emotional high. Excellent teaching and a great reminder to be careful and not cheapen God's Name.

 Art Katz 
This is a call for us to live a life whole devoted to the Lord and discern between what is truly God and what is a false worldly image or one we make up in our own ignorance.

 must hear! 
If you have mixed feelings about Toronto or Pensacola, this will help clear it up. Even if you are convinced that movement is bunk, this will help you understand why to an even deeper level.

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