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Audio Sermons : Paris Reidhead :  The Red Heifer

 The Red Heifer by Paris Reidhead

Topic: Jesus Christ
Scripture(s): Numbers 19  
Description: When we sin, fellowship with God is broken, prayers go unanswered and we fall into the chastening hand of God. The good news is that God has made provision through Jesus Christ.
Sermon Comments (4)

 Need for the Red Heifer 
The red heifer was for those who knew that they had sinned personally when they had stepped on a dead corpse. No one need see it but that person needed cleansing because (5 things): fellowship with God is broken, God cannot use us anymore, prayers go unanswered, exposed to the ravaging of Satan (a lion roars when he is full, not hungry), and exposed to the chastening hand of God. Jesus is not just the heifer but also the priest. We can have cleansing anytime. What are the dead bodies of our daily life?

 amazing preaching 
Truly have to check ourselves and have thoroughly examine ourselves to see if we have walk over a grave or touch a dead bone{which basically are sins unconfessed or secret sins that we justify as petty but are grievous to a Holy God that we serve.

 The Cleansing 
FIRST: Be sure you are a TRUE child of God in that you want, desire and have a concern to please him. SECOND: Read the 19th chapter of Numbers. THIRD: Engage this fifty-minute sermon. JESUS: the victim-priest-advocate-friend is the ONLY fulfillment of the requirements for our cleansing set down in the ordinances of the sacrifice of the red heifer (a young cow that has not borne a calf). God has now accepted the death of his Son: Are you (Am I) worthy of that death? God can CLEANSE but cannot CONDONE sin. If you are (If I am) willing to meet Him in BROKENNESS, He will meet you (me) with CLEANSING. Evidence of a cleansed heart is when you touch a "dead bone" and grieve as the Spirit grieves. BONUS: 5 Things That Happen When a Child of God Sins. GOD'S BLESSINGS.

 A Clear Message 
This message was very helpful to me in understanding Sin, and what it does to a believer. but I also saw the greatness of Jesus's sacrifice and that God has accepted that sacrifice. and I must accept that grace and then I can walk a victorious life.

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