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 The Sin That Has No Forgiveness by William P. Nicholson

Scripture(s): Acts 7:51,Matthew 12:32,Matthew 26:21-22  
Description: Nicholson states that this sermon is the most grave and serious sermon he ever could preach. This sin that cannot be forgiven is something that has been confused and been a mystery and stumbling block to many. God willing this sermon will lead you into the truth of this passage.
Sermon Comments (3)

I can imagine people sweating with fear, anxiety, and anger under this man's preaching. Straight-talking, real Bible preaching. Many true-to-life observations of modern thinking and modern preaching. Outstanding message with a burden for souls.

 An Important Message 
There is an element of eternity in this fearsome sermon. This is an extremely important message, a very sobering and brutal truth that gospel preaching and hellfire warning accomplishes. Nicholson paints a very realistic picture of what consistently grieving and resisting the Holy Spirit amounts to - God ceasing to strive with the conscience of man and sealing his eternal fate. This is an awful and painful message worthy of repeated listening.

 The Conviction of God. 
Rarely in our day we can hear a sermon that has something of eternity on it and brings extreme conviction to the condition of our being apart from Christ for ever and ever.

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