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 Anxiety, the Silent Killer by Jim Berg

Topic: Anxiety
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 Thank you brother! 
This is a true for my life. Whether we want to admit it or not some of us are worriers/anxious people. I am and this sermon has helped me tremendously today, and will from now on. The truth is that we are a fallen people, and He is the Holy God. That, however, does not set Him at a distance where He does not look on me and say "come on, why don't you just get it!" Instead He intercedes for us, and is there even when He seems to be veiled in thick darkness and hides Himself. His arm is not too short to reach down and save us, even from something we may see as minute and faithless, it is real and there are men and women just like myself who struggle with anxiety. These spur from one single thought, as small as it may be, and grows into a beast if we do not practice what Bro. Berg spoke in this message. Thank you brother, it is a great encouragement and what I personally desperately needed to hear!

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