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Audio Sermons : Jim Cymbala :  Dependable Priest

 Dependable Priest by Jim Cymbala

Topic: Jesus Christ
Scripture(s): Hebrews 4:14-16  
Description: Pastor Cymbala speaks on our relationship to Christ as it relates to His ministry as High Priest. He urges us to go boldly before the throne of Grace, because our dependable High Priest is there for us, waiting. "Jesus our High Priest is saying 'Come daughter! Come son!'" This is a good message that highlights the blood of Christ.
Sermon Comments (3)

 Down to Earth, Heavenly Message 
I enjoyed this message very much, feeling both spiritually blessed and spiritually edified. If anyone has had or has issues with their past, with issues of shame, guilt, and the burden of sin, this message will bring the truth and relevance of the Scripture, of the living God, to bear upon each listener. I really like Cymbala's style of preaching--down to earth, nonreligious, and said with much conviction and heart. Any listener will enjoy and be edified by this. Five stars! ~Sean

 I am not sure. 
I have some questions about this message. Pastor Cymbala as half correct when he states that the Israelites couldn't go into the Holy of Holies. What he didn't say was why. And, in this instance it is the why that makes all the differences. The why is because they wouldn't come before a Holy God themselves but wanted a human go between. They said they would follow God's laws, which they couldn't. And God knew they couldn't. Like Adam of old, if they had been honest with God in the first place it would have made all the difference. Are we any different today? We can come before a Holy God with boldness, but will we? No.

 A Dependable Priest 
Extremely inspiring. I would recommend it for other persons. It has challenged me to take a closer look at the duties of the High priest in the old testament so as to get a better appreciation for the role of Jesus as High Priest in the New Testament. As jim Cymbala said this message is like "medicaine for my soul". I pray that God will continue to bless and protect Jimand his family. May his ministry prosper. In Jesus name.

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