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Audio Sermons : Erlo Stegen :  Give Thanks to God

 Give Thanks to God by Erlo Stegen

Topic: Thanksgiving
Scripture(s): Matthew 8:1-4  
Description: We read here that this happened when He had come down from the mountain, where He had just preached a sermon, the most powerful sermon ever preached (Matt 5-7). It is also a very difficult passage, e.g. where Jesus said that if you’re married and you look at another woman with lust you have already committed adultery (Matt 5:28). He also said that if you get angry with your brother and you call him a fool or other names, then you deserve hell, because before God you’ve murdered him (Matt 5:22). It would be good to read this again and again because the Lord expects us to live accordingly. He also said that if someone forces you to walk a kilometre with him, then walk two (Matt 5:41). If someone strikes you on the one cheek, turn the other also (Matt 5:39). Read it prayerfully and ask yourself what kind of a life you live.
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