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Audio Sermons : Zac Poonen :  Through The Bible - Genesis - Part 1

 Through The Bible - Genesis - Part 1 by Zac Poonen

Topic: Genesis
Scripture(s): Genesis 1-10, 2 Timothy 3:16-17  
Description: Studying the Bible is not a quest for knowledge but life--to know what God would say to me. The creation pictures several foundational principles of Christian living: remaking ruined humanity, separating light from darkness, and overcoming. We also see the two streams running throughout the Bible--Babylon and Jerusalem--starting with two men who listened to the devil (Adam and Cain) and two men who walked with God (Enoch and Noah).
Sermon Comments (3)

 In the Beginning God... 
Excellent message that challenged me in many areas - too many to mention all here! Two points that particularly stuck out to me: 1. "In the beginning God..." - is God in the beginning of all my endevours? 2. Walking with God - very few truly walk with God - do I? There is a lot in this message to digest.

Bro Zac Poonen highlights some very wonderful truths, and made me see many things i "missed" , there are to much to comment on here, But God speaks to me through this sermon and he showed me some new wonderful truths, may them transform me more into the likeness of his son for his glory. And if you listend prayerfully you will be blessed by this first message, witch i found very inspiring and encuraging to go through them all.

 A Wonderful Introduction 
These commentaries are the fruit of a 40 plus year study by brother Zac. This is the introduction, the first hour of a collection of 70 hours that take the believer through the entire Bible. The riches, the profound insights, the deep and wonderful things Poonen mines are quite astounding. These book-by-book commentaries will whet your appetite to dig out the richness of Holy Scripture yourself, and this, indeed, is Poonen's God-inspired aim.

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