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 79 Gospel Fellowships Readings (Intro) by Principles For The Gathering of Believers

Topic: Audio Books
Scripture(s): Matthew 7:15, Romans 12:14, Romans 12:2  
The importance of liturgy in the history of the Christian Church over the 2000 years cannot be underestimated. Some of the earliest hymns in the Church were chants or Scriptural truths read aloud in unison. To verbally proclaim in unison holy truths of God will have a great affect spiritually on the Assembly of believers to strengthen and unify them in the faith once delivered to the saints.1148
We are commended in the Scriptures to verbally proclaim our allegiance to the Son of God, confessing truths that we believe in our heart.1149 Though modern day evangelicalism is mostly non-liturgical this was not so in the early days of Christianity.
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