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 Turning Carnal Cash Into Kingdom Currency by Glenn Sheppard

Topic: Mammon
Scripture(s): 1 Timothy 6:6-7  
Description: Glenn Sheppard preaches a powerful message on the proper way to use money as a Christian. He gives a strong exhortation about the abuse of seeking lustfully money for personal gain amongst the Churches. He clearly shows how many leaders are seeking comfort and gain in the ministry. There needs to be a change in North America the way we use money for the glory of God.
Sermon Comments (2)

 For such a time as this! 
This was an awesome message for such a time as this. Now is the time to detach from our earthly treasures because there is a time coming, and some believe very soon, that they will be taken from us in one form or another. And if we detach ourselves from them now and not add more we will be in a better place to serve others and not be crying over our worldly goods that are taken from us. Glory to God. The other awesome thing he said - Is open up the heavens and let the provisions flow Lord. Not so we can buy more things but so we can give to the furthering of your Gospel and for the truly needy. I heard - help us to really hear Your voice and directions where to give Lord. Where our giving is truly to a place where Your Word is going out. Your awesome to give us warning. I pray we heed Your Word for Your sake and ours. Praise Your Holy Name O'God for You love us so much and we are so grateful for preparing us in all things and for all things. Giving You all the glory!

 Prophetic Word for America! 
Brothers and Sisters, I believe this message is a prophetic word to the Christians in America and it is very rare to hear the heart of God on this subject in our pulpits. May God give us all the grace to respond to this message and His breaking heart over our lustful seeking of money and comfort.

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