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 A Psalm of Remembrance by C. H. Spurgeon

Scripture(s): 1 John 4:16  
Description: Delivered on Sabbath Morning, May 22nd, 1859. In this wonderful sermon, Spurgeon enlarges upon the "love that God hath to us," which we have "known and believed." He discourses here on "knowing" God's love for you, and "believing" in it, a two-fold experience. On knowing God's love for us, Spurgeon says that through seeing it in our lives, feeling it through the intimacy of Christ, and lastly through the witness of the Spirit do we come to know it. Then, there are seasons when "all strength and hope are gone," and we "behold nothing but the uttermost depths of despair." Now this person may not know God's love for him, but he can still believe in it. "To believe it when you do not feel it, is the noblest," Spurgeon says. Then he expands on how God's love to us is undeserved, for there "was nothing in us that could have caused it," there was never "anything in us by nature that he could love." Oh, What an amazing thought to ponder on! Furthermore he says, "the love of God towards us is free, sovereign, undeserved, and springs entirely from the overflowing love of his own heart, and is not caused by anything in us."
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 Great Message :) 
This message is wonderful especially if you have ever not felt the Love of God.....Spurgeon identifys that there are times when we feel (can sense) God's tangible Love, and times when we cannot (requiring more belief).....He ends this message with some beautiful words of encouragement for those who feel they have done too much wrong for God to forgive Glad i listened to this !!!

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