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 A State Of No Known Sin by Andrew Strom

Topic: Freedom From Sin
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Sermon Comments (2)

 Changed our Altar Call message & method 
After hearing this sermon at the Revival God's Way conference, God showed me that I must revise the way we call "sinners" to the altar. They must be shown to immediately "Repent, Be Baptized (asap) and Laying on of Hands to receive the Holy Spirit for them to be able to walk in Victory with Christ. Was very convicted over the "say the 'sinners prayer' and let them go home method. We pastors will be held accountable on how the sheep are fed.

 Is God's grace sufficient? To arrest sin? 
I have to agree with Andrew and am also a person with a great appreciation for Charles Finney having studied many of his books, actually quite passionately for many years with life changing conviction. People have often accused him and probably Andrew and myself and others of being "Pelagians". I'm not sure Pelagius was a Pelagian. Often people tend to find it easier to create straw man arguments to oppose, failing to make sure of the integrity of their representation of their opponent's beliefs. A case in point is Pelagius believed in free will and that to incur guilt, one had to do so by choice. That is, sin is not constitutional but voluntary. And I understand Pelagius stated firmly and clearly that because all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, that nobody on this earth could ever earn his or her own salvation. But, rather than take on Pelagius view of free will this way, people made him out to state that one could earn his own salvation.

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