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Audio Sermons : Zac Poonen :  Making Whole Hearted Disciples

 Making Whole Hearted Disciples by Zac Poonen

Topic: Discipleship
Scripture(s): Matthew 28:18-20  
Description: Brother Zac Poonen gives a very strong prophetic message on the need for discipleship in Christendom in our day. This is a clarion call for repentance for leadership in Churches to start to disciple their converts and build the body of Christ. It is not enough to just have a church full on sundays we need to see discipleship and whole hearted believers living for Christ daily.
Sermon Comments (7)

 First things first in growth 
Two universal characteristics of human race: There is no fear of God before their eyes”(Romans 3: 18) and “They all seek after their own interest.”( Phi.2:21) – How this message puts the First things first in the care of the Body of Christ! My fellowship is a case in point, learning this lesson. Without discipleship we are just making more babies and throwing them in the street. I recall, in a small group of schizophrenic mothers, how they came in from the blistering cold of a Kansas winter, bundled up with bundled up babies, hung up their coats, set their babies on the floor and on the top of a low bookshelf and walked over to the table that had coffee and cookies to eat. Their babies were no more than packages they carried and set down without another thought. If only we could see that what “out-reach” seeks is a natural, inevitable, SIDE-EFFECT of growth in Christ. How this will encourage every Sunday school teacher, every Bible study leader, every open-hearted student-disciple th

 I want to be a Disciple... 
I've been listening to Brother Zac for almost a year and a half and no other teacher/Preacher has ever spoken to my heard like he does. After listening to this message I felt the Holy Spirit tell me many things and I pray I don't let those words fall on deaf ears. When Brother Zac mentioned King Herod and how he enjoyed listening to John the Baptist because he was on fire...and then continued to seek he own will even after, scared me. I've done that, I'm guilty Lord. I pray we all press on to perfection in that if everyday we can become just a bit more holier than yesturday, we are getting some where. God bless to all and I pray the Holy Spirit stirs your heart.

 Excellent Teaching! 
Bro Zac Poonen can expound the word in the most interesting manner in all his sermons which goes to show his walk in the Spirit of the Lord. I attend The Pentecostal Mission, yet I have learnt so much truths from this man of God which I have not heard else where. I have also overcomed sin and am seeing fruit in my life. He is one servant of God whose sermons I listen to daily.

 A good message 
I think this is a good message by brother Zac, but I don't think he gets to the fundamental problem that we have with our gospel preaching. That problem would be preaching that creates a dichotomy between saving faith being a disciple of Jesus Christ. Biblical Christianity sees no distinction between saving faith and being a disciple. Only disciples are saved. I know Zac is just encouraging us to press on to maturity, and to encourage others in the church to press onto maturity, which is something we greatly need in this age. So, I receive this sermon in the spirit in which it was intended, but I feel he could probably use some greater clarification.

 A message to the Church 
We have become so hardened to the voice of God,and this message really deals with the heart issues of many people in the church. I can honestly say... this is much needed in a time where churches are more concerned about building programs and outreaches than in the divine authority of God's Word, the genuine work of repentance, striving towards holiness, and trusting the leading of the Holy Spirit. Brother Poonen's message has shown me how awesome the Lord is to burden our hearts differently so that we all move towards building the kingdom of God. Praise the Lord for His mercy endures forever!

 Honoring Elders 
Very convicting. I am of the younger generation Brother Zac refers to that do not know how to show respect to their elders. The Lord brought the issue of submission to those in authority in the church through another message by Brother Zac and it rebuked and prepared me for something I faced recently. This issue of respect will likely help me understand something I have asked Lord to please reveal to me. I have seen a deep rebellion within me. It comes out as outright ignoring of the promptings of the Holy Spirit and second guessing Him and thus delaying obedience. There is a point where Brother Zac quotes a Scripture that equates honoring your elders with honoring God Himself. This is the same thing the Holy Spirit shows us in 1 John where we are told that we can not love God if we do not the Brethern. I am so thankful for this timely word. Praise the Lord for faithful messagers like Brother Poonen.

 A Prophetic Message 
I believe this is a message from a prophet. Very convicting, stirring and given in love. I was deeply challenged on some levels when hearing this message. May 10,000's of pastors and leaders across the world hear this message and respond to God in the areas God speaks. Oh for more nathans that will share the truth of God to help the people of God. Brothers hearing this message for some in ministry will keep you from falling into gross error in your ministry. This is the mercy of God to you!

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