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Audio Sermons : Paul Washer :  A Living Sacrifice - Part 2

 A Living Sacrifice - Part 2 by Paul Washer

Topic: Sacrifice
Scripture(s): Romans 12:1-2  
Description: Part 2 opens with one more example of presenting our bodies a living sacrifice: the dangers of dating. This is so rarely taught that something has to be said from a Biblical basis. Parents are not teaching their children their responsibilities, and the church is not showing the parents how. Biblical counsel is this: don’t put yourself in the way of temptation. This issue is not a question of the intellect, it’s a question of the will: we know what’s right, we just don’t want to do it. Proceeding into v.2, Mr Washer explains what it means to be not conformed to this world, both for individuals and for the church. He explains that the renewing of the mind is a total transformation, a supernatural creative work of God. He then examines the will of God, and how you will know it by its characteristics of being good, acceptable and perfect. This message outlines practical issues that we all have to deal with. Believing the doctrine is one thing; but is it a growing, practical reality in your life? If not, stop and deal with it, one step at a time. (43 minutes)
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