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Audio Sermons : Bill McLeod :  The Return Of God's Glory

 The Return Of God's Glory by Bill McLeod

Topic: Glory Of God
Scripture(s): 2 Corinthians 3  
Description: Bill Mcleod shares about times in scripture when the glory of God departs. This is a very sobering message that has the anointing of God's Spirit on it. It is very clear that the message is spoken as the oracles of God. Some of the testimonies that are shared at the end of true revival are very God glorifying. Oh that God might send a revival again.
Sermon Comments (7)

 Revival Now or Never! 
This message is life transforming. Am thrilled to find your website today wholly dedicated to the course of Revival.Am humbled by God's mercy in directin me to dis Website so I can link up with people of kindred Spirit.Am engaged in Revival pursuit in my Campus right here at d heart of Tropical Africa - Nigeria. God bless you !

Simple/humble/gentle message on the need for revival. Very simple message but it was a blessing

 Similar Revival at Asbury 
The "spontaneous" revival we experienced at Asbury 1n 1970 was very similar to this. Not until now was I aware that the "same" thing was happening in other places as well. It further amazes me how different denominations, though they may not fellowship together very much, can be visited by the Spirit of God, and His glory be similarly experienced. What the prophet of old said is still true today: "If with all your heart ye truly seek Me, ye shall ever surely find Me . . ."

 "When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Lord shall lift up a Standard." 
A holy warning that it is possible that the Glory of God comes, and that it departs too; It departs from people, and communities. This message is delivered without excitement or heat, yet it thunders in it's simple power. We must live in brokeness and repentence toward God's holiness, or He will not dwell with us. He will move on, and we must bend to Him, for He will not bend to us. This, brother McLeod declares, is the root of revival, for there we will find Him again.

 I had fainted unless I had believed... 
God sees when the ark is captured and when His Glory departs. How desperately we need the True ministry of the Spirit of God, in us, in prayer, in the fellowship of the brethren where ever it is found, in these days before we gather. May God, by His Spirit, draw us to lay our lives down for the brethren.

This is a great sermon, it talks about the glory of God & how we need to be set apart for God.

Oh such sober truth! This caused a weeping in my Spirit when I heard it. What a blessing to hear a man of God share these things. Oh that God would raise more men like this for His Glory. May we be Men "of the word!"

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