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 Church History - Session 2 (Growth from Antioch) by Edgar F. Parkyns

Scripture(s): Acts 20,28;2 Timothy 3;Matthew 13  
Description: Parkyns shares four reasons that caused the explosive growth of Christianity in the late 1st century and 2nd century. He identified the growing seeds of failure, such as the tendency to 'bind the gospel with legal restrictions.' Both Paul and Jesus warned of corruption in the Church; the reality of the grace of God and the gifts of the Spirit were lost. Increasing differences between laity and clergy developed into an 'obey us' mentality and the growing corruption gave birth to hermit movements.
Sermon Comments (1)

 Another 4+ - great analysis and heart-searching 
I really love the way Parkyns compares the early church fathers to the Word of God. He is able to pick up little deviations into legality that become gross perversion later on. I found it sobering, for if great men like these can get detracted, how much more me? This has been a GREAT series so far!

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