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Audio Sermons : Paul Washer :  (True Disciple Conference) Come to Me - Isaiah 55

 (True Disciple Conference) Come to Me - Isaiah 55 by Paul Washer

Topic: Jesus Christ
Scripture(s): Isaiah 55:1-13  
Description: God has been speaking, through Isaiah, to a wicked and sinful nation languishing under the effects of a sentence of condemnation. But now a message of hope appears, an invitation to come to Him, to eat and drink of Him; extended to those who have no means of buying or paying, nothing to give - destitute. If they will come to Him, through his Messiah, they will find abundant life. And throughout the chapter God speaks to convince them with many arguments. (78 minutes)
Sermon Comments (2)

 I understand better! 
What a eye opening truth Salvation is greater than the actual creation! What it took for God to regenerate us through the Lord Jesus!

 The Gospel is ... 
Dear friends, this message and other messages that are preached on this "True disciple conference" are abouth what the Gospel realy is. If you are a regenereted (new creature in Christ), than please take the time to hear this messages. Greetings from Croatia!

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