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Audio Sermons : Paul Washer :  Your Ultimate Purpose

 Your Ultimate Purpose by Paul Washer

Topic: Purpose
Scripture(s): Romans 8:28-31  
Description: Paul Washer shows that the sovereignty of God begins not with our salvation, not even with our birth, but before the foundation of the world, when God predestinated us to our ultimate purpose. Few people know, with real, unshakeable certainty, that everything is working together for good. If you don’t believe it, you probably have the wrong definition of good. Are you discontented? Are you shaken by adversities, or the removal of blessings and comforts? Mr Washer uses these verses to reveal the causes and the remedy. God has made us sons and daughters, a high calling indeed; yet whilst we certainly benefit, the prime beneficiary is God’s son. God is making brothers and sisters for his son, a fellowship of those who stand in awe of their elder brother and worship him; and we can only worship him truly if we are conformed to his image. We have to be made like him to know how worthy he is; and the more we know him, the more we will be drawn to worship him. Is God’s ultimate purpose your purpose? Is your eye single in this respect? If not, Mr Washer explains what you should do. (29 minutes)
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 Blessed Assurance 
It is such an assurance to me to know that all things that have happened to me, both good and bad, have happened under the hand of the Almighty God. It gives me strength to go on, strength to trust, and strength to say to Him "Thy will be done."

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