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Audio Sermons : Rolfe Barnard :  Order of the Concerned

 Order of the Concerned by Rolfe Barnard

Scripture(s): Matthew 8:18  
Description: nil
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 Confronting preaching 
among all Rolfe's preaching this has to be one of his best. Preaching from Matthew 18:18 Rolfe preachs with heart felt power and devestating conviction on putting away idols and the god's we make up ourselfs. Rolfe also moves through what our 'gods' do about sin? Rolfe Barnard is truely a rare preacher and his full love for Christ is displayed in this message in power and grace. " God doesn't save people if there not willing to be saved. God saves people by bringing them to the place where they are willing to be saved." "As long as you think its in your power to do something that you can do that'll fix it so God'll save ya you'll never be saved. Your in the hands of God. You can change your ways but you can't your heart." "You can change some of your activities but you can't change the thing inside of you which makes you walk....God looks at your heart."

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