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Audio Sermons : David Wilkerson :  The Awful Presence Of God

 The Awful Presence Of God by David Wilkerson

Topic: Presence Of God
Scripture(s): Genesis 28:16-17, Daniel 9:4  
Description: David Wilkerson speaks on the greatness of the presence of God, what it truly means to be in the presence of God. He speaks on the great need for a sovereign revival and awakening in our day and how we can prepare and pray for its coming. This message is not only timely in its day but timeless in its truth.
Sermon Comments (7)

 The Awful Presence of God 
The is truly the Featured Sermon for me today. The awesome Fire and Power from on High fell on my heart this morning while listening. Assuring me of what I believe in my heart is true and according to his Word. I've saved this to my desktop for future listening. Thanks!

 God alone 
A mighty sermon. What spoke to me is that we do not need a Moses but God alone. We can be prone to run to this preacher and that preacher instead of running to God.

 Oh What A Stirring!!! 
This message will set a fire burning on the inside of your heart. I am so thankful for men like David Wilkerson who are fearless in their preaching and who boldly confront and challenge. Listen to this again and again!

 Holiness of God 
I was stirred at the start of this sermon because Wilkersson seemed to have a hunch of the holiness of God. But he should have explained it more. I like what John Piper said that went like this: "The love of God is that he sustains His holiness in His Son for our joy". Because without the righteousness of Christ we would be destroyed by His holiness. Knowing the utter and infinite holiness of God will be the endless source of joy and awe in the eternity. And we can also get to know His in this present if we just take His word seriously and seek Him.

 Powerful Word 
Oh what a blessing to hear this word given. It truly speaks more powerfully and pointedly in our day right now! the need to see God as He truly is. Oh Lord send a true revival in our midst.

 Thank you Jesus! 
Oh Lord, thank you for David Wilkerson. Thank you for the truth that you continually pour forth through him. May we all be such humble and obedient servants, and as such, go forth with the ability to proclaim Thy word, both in power, and in truth.

This message is one of many that should drive every regenerated believers to their knees, and pray for their local church to AWAKEN OUR HEARTS, LORD.

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