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Audio Sermons : George Verwer :  Playing At Soldiers

 Playing At Soldiers by George Verwer

Scripture(s): Acts 20:24, Acts 20:32  
Description: George Verwer gives a impassioned strong appeal to a group of young missionaries to give up their life's fully to the Lord Jesus Christ. He gives many allusions of warfare and being a solider and strongly shows how many Christians are not living fully towards their goal and task for the great commission. This is a call to true discipleship and forsaking of the world for Christ.
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 Full Commitment! 
We need people who are going to be fully commited to God in our day! We need disciples of Christ that will give all for the sake of Christ in this earth. Those that will forsake everything and go and live for His purposes alone. We need people miltant with this eternal purpose. What a sobering God honoring message! May it touch many.

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