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Audio Sermons : Erlo Stegen :  The enemy of the cross

 The enemy of the cross by Erlo Stegen

Description: Erlo Stegen speaks of the need for the work of the cross in the life of the believer before we can experience pentecost. He speaks of the true fruit of what a crucified life bears witness of. There are two classes of people, those that are crucified to their wills and lusts or those that are enemies of this cross. Many who profess to be Christians have not crucified their wills and accepted the way of God fully.
Sermon Comments (4)

 Truth that is no longer preached... 
An amazing testimony of a preacher who found the truth of Pentecost in his own life after over a dozen years of ministry. This message will bring conviction and cause one to ask, "Could I be an enemy of the cross? Listen and be prepared for honest introspection.

 hard hitting 
This was a powerful message on giving up your life. I loved it because it offended flesh and tore the self will apart. The heart of this message is that the cross kills our self will and pride. Erlo states that this has to happen before Pentecost in his powerful statement cross before pentecost which represents( true Holy Spirit Empowerment). This was a wonderful message and worth a replay. I have to warn you this is meat and it will offend you, bend you, and rend you but after it is all said and done it will empower you to live in holiness.

This message brings the weight of eternity and the truth of Scripture with force. This message will change your life! May we truly meet with the cross so that we can experience a true pentecost. May we let the cross do its "full" work in our lifes.

 no cross no Pentecost! 
no cross no Pentecost! i think that statement says it all.....we need a cross... a must listen, a very challenging sermon

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