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Audio Sermons : A.W. Tozer :  (Revelation - Part 2): A Prognosis of Events

 (Revelation - Part 2): A Prognosis of Events by A.W. Tozer

Topic: Book Of Revelation
Scripture(s): Revelation 14:1-3, Revelation 14:12  
Description: Without prophecy, modern Christianity would be in pretty bad shape; Revelation is the disclosing of that which could not otherwise be known; How curiosity comes near to blasphemy; No secret key to understanding the Scriptures; Merely knowing the Scriptures profits us nothing; Many things God has given us as blessings have been turned into curses; Knowing the meaning of the symbols in Revelation will not make us any better off; When the Lord will come is of less importance than whether we are prepared when He does.
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