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Audio Sermons : Paul Washer :  2006 Heart-Cry - Journal Reading and Message

 2006 Heart-Cry - Journal Reading and Message by Paul Washer

Topic: Living By Faith
Description: Paul Washer shares his heart in humility with the affairs of running his missions organisation. Tremendous testimonies that will encourage you to press on in your individual christian life or ministry. Some very practical biblical helps and encouragements.
Sermon Comments (8)

 one of most inspiring sermons 
While i listened to this i just realized how i don't trust in god alone in all my circumstances. Brother paul definitely has the spirit moving strongly with his words because it all just makes perfect sense to this pathetic man that i am. Brothers and sisters i have listened to many of brother pauls sermons but this one will definitely inspire you to give all to the lord and rely completely on him and give glory to God that he fulfills his promises to all beelievers.You should listen to this it is one of his most inspiring sermons.

 Man of faith and trust. 
Paul Washer speaks here with so much humility and yet so much wisdom. If the beginning of wisdom is fear of the Lord then here is a man truly given divine wisdom. Paul Washer lives and breathes Jesus Christ and is one of the most passionate and Godly of our present day preachers. The word that he is given is faithfully delivered, true to scripture and cannot fail to be a blessing to the believing hearer. Pray that God would preserve Paul for as long as necesaary in order to raise up more men like him that the Lord can use for the furtherance of His kingdom. It was a blessing and a priviledge to hear this message today.

I hate what I see in myself. Dear God renew my mind and create in me a new heart. God must, must, must do this thing. How to lay hold of - it is no longer I that live, but Christ living in me. I want to stop thinking about me, me, me and headlong chase after God, God alone. Paul's words are truth and to God be the Glory! Yes! The kingdom of God MUST be taken violently by violent men. Men who become less and less of flesh while coming into God's promised land where the spirit rules and subdues the flesh. Thank you for sharing your heart with us brother Paul.

 A call of passion 
Another great challenge by one who understands the heart of God in taking the weak things of this world to bring to nothing the things that are strong. A must for every young man or woman starting in ministry as well as those of us who have, "been in the way" for years. I felt both shamed at my meager passion and inspired to go for God's best.

 Help us depend on You alone 
God has given us so many promises in His Word, but we will not see them come to pass in our lives until we throw ourselves on Him in utter dependence on Him alone and cut ourselves off from the arm of the flesh. To become those who receive the promises, those whom God uses, we must become the passionate weak and the violently desperate. The full thrust of our lives must be that God is glorified and the Kingdom of Christ is advanced and when this is the desire that motivates all we do, God has promised all His resources on our behalf.

 Great message 
Wonderful testimony of Gods faithfulness

This message will bring you to tears seeing a modern day example of faith that most of us have just read about. Praise God for the encouragement of testimonies!

 Wonderful and Inspiring! 
The prosperity preachers should listen to this message then hang their heads in shame! There's no doubt that Brother Washer is deeply in love with his Lord. This message has help to remind me that I need to fully and completely trust in the Lord and Him only for my every need.

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