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Audio Sermons : Carter Conlon :  Passing through the Gates of Betrayal

 Passing through the Gates of Betrayal by Carter Conlon

Topic: Betrayal
Scripture(s): Psalms 105:16-22  
Description: Every child of God will have to endure trials of suffering and betrayal if they will be mightily used by God. God will allow us to experience these afflictions and use them as a doorway into fellowship with Him so that we are conformable to the death of Jesus Christ. When we are betrayed it is a pain like no other. The devil will do his best to keep us behind the gates of betrayal so that we keep a distance from people and vow never to trust again. We know we are passing through these gates when we choose to forgive and begin to have a strong desire to be reconciled with our betrayer. We will come to a place of undersatnding that God has been in control all along and the life of Christ that is imparted into us through this experience will become provision for someone else.
Sermon Comments (2)

 Necessary to move on 
I've listened to this twice in the last year and I KNOW it is necessary to get beyond these gates of betrayal. All one can do is keep asking God and be willing...there is no quick fix, only continual obedience to forgive and bless those who hurt you. Make it a reality in us, Father.

 Betrayal, a right of passage. 
Betrayal by a Christian you counted as a friend is never easy, but it is almost a right of passage as we seek to grow closer the the Lord. It is through our suffering that we become more Christlike. Our ultimate goal ought to be restitution and healing of relationships. As we work through our inner turmoil, our hearts will be softened toward this end.

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