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Audio Sermons : David Wilkerson :  Receiving The Holy Spirit

 Receiving The Holy Spirit by David Wilkerson

Topic: Holy Spirit
Scripture(s): 2 Peter 1:3, 1 Thessalonians 1:5-6  
Description: August 1, 2004 - God had a plan that you and I would not only survive but that we would be more than over comers. It doesn’t matter how wicked the world becomes and what the devil brings on society – we have abiding in us a power that is greater than any other power. This power is the Holy Spirit!! You have not fully received the Holy Spirit until you allow Him to do what He was sent to do. We are to cast every burden on Him –HE is the Burden Bearer. As we turn every burden over to Him – We are receiving Him.
Sermon Comments (6)

 He's absolutely right.  
"The evidence of rest." Amen, Bro. Wilkerson.

 Another convicting message 
If you are not willing to let the Holy Spirit control your life, to be in charge of your life, you have not received Him [or you are not filled with the Holy Ghost]. You have to be ready for change if you turn everything over to Him.

 I agree, Wow 
Bro Dave Wilkerson truely has a heart after God in that he bring forth messages that opens understanding in a way most can't because of the annointing on the messages. Thank you Lord for Bro Dave, and I pray you open his eyes further to your kingdome riegn in his life. I pray he hears what the spirit is saying in this hour and knows the place of those wooden alters for todays time. That they are just wood, hay and stuble and the people don't have to move mo more than those on Pentecost had to move to receive the Spirit of God.

this is really great..maayo kaayo paminawon!!!ug mas maayo kung imong i-apply sa imong not just merely listen...DO IT!!!!

 recommended for all 
If you feel dry and empty then you must her this sermon. May the Spirit of God refresh you.

stirring and convicting

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