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 (Daniel) Twenty One Days of Prayer by Willie Mullan

Topic: Prayer
Scripture(s): Daniel 10:1-11, Ephesians 6:11-12  
Description: Willie Mullan preaches expositionally through the first part of the tenth chapter of Daniel. He exhorts and uses many examples and scriptures towards praying, true praying. "Some of us have not been at it yet" (in reference to true praying). The devil fights most strongly against us when we pray. What a need to understand the schemes of the devil and principalities and powers that we fight against.
Sermon Comments (3)

 Pray It Through 
Direct from Ulster, this MASTERful sermon will edify you like few others. Set aside time of uninterrupted listening. God's blessings!

This is an inspiring and uplifiting message that will make you take inventory of your life. It challenges your apathy and lack of sacrifice to see God glorified. May we awaken to that which God desires.

 Oh for men of prayer! 
To go back in the old paths and be men and women of prayer again that are twarting the devils strongholds. Oh may we break out of our stupor and lukewarm state and press in with God to be mighty in prayer before Him on our knees.

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