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 Are You Walking in Romans 8? by Andrew Strom

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 I have to stand in total agreement with Andrew 
People should be challenged and shaken deeply by this message, and I doubt any who oppose it will do so on any terms but vague ones lest they bring up an issue that would bring conviction and repentance that is sincere. This sermon should frighten the devil terribly. Expect Andrew to be called a heretic by lukewarm Christians but don't expect them to have either the backbone or integrity to bring up any specific point of conflict under the light of scripture because it will convict and bring people to repentance.

 "I believe" is a problem 
Mr. Strom will say over and over again ... "but what I believe" The scripture can speak for itself and does! When a preacher has to clarify scripture with what he believes, one should be careful. He has a total misunderstanding of water baptism and Holy Spirit Baptism. He also will quote portions of scripture and conveniently leave portions out in order to make a point. He makes his own salvation around what he terms "being filled with the Spirit" and it is clear from scripture that we possess the Holy Spirit at salvation, sealed by the Holy Spirit at salvation, baptized into Christ at Salvation by the Holy Spirit of God, but although we have all the Holy Spirit at salvation does not mean that the Holy Spirit has all of us, thus the need for the filling of the Holy Spirit. Romans 6-8 are such great passages when taken in whole.

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