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Audio Sermons : Warren Wiersbe :  Seven Words From the Cross - Forgiveness

 Seven Words From the Cross - Forgiveness by Warren Wiersbe

Scripture(s): Luke 23:33-38  
Description: The last words of the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross are like windows into eternity of the heart and mind of God. Warren shares four wonders of the first words: "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do." There's the wonder of the address (Father), the wonder of the appeal (forgiveness), the wonder of the argument, and the wonder of the answer.
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 Praying in so a hard time. 
Heart-breaking message! Christ is not revengeful on the cross, but He prays for forgiveness. And, after all that people did to Him, He looked not to heaven, crying: "After all this, where is God? Where was God when they did all this to Me? God is not loving Me!" But He can pray, saying: "Father". This is a challenge for us!

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