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 A Sermon That Has Angered Many - Examine Yourself by Paul Washer

Topic: Examination
Scripture(s): 2 Corinthians 13:5, 1 John 1:6-8, 1 John 2:3-19  
Description: This sermon is a bible test of whether you are in the faith or not. He goes line by line in the text of 1 john that explains how you can tell if you are in the faith. I would suggest that every believer listen to this sermon. It is very encouraging to the believer to not be deceived.
Sermon Comments (15)

Brother Paul am young and am not upset with you one bit. There are some really deep and important stuff you brought out. This sermon made me sit and think and really examine myself. Thanks very much.

 Every Heart Beat Within Us Belongs To God 
The moment I catch myself moving away from God, either in thought or deed, I find it unbearable. I cannot live without Jesus Christ. If people are angered by this sermon, then how will they be able to stand before God almighty? How will they be permitted to enter into the kingdom of heaven? Every heart beat within us belongs to God.

 Great, convicting message 
Paul is right in his message here. We need to evaluate ourselves instead of taking this message for what it's worth, and look to point the finger at others. Choice has been given, and too often we choose to stray from Him. Washer lays it out clearly, and convincingly. There is nothing missing from this message, and I think all should listen to it, no matter what your background is.

This was a very influencial sermon to me to sort out alot of hazy christianity that was going on around me. I needed truth and with authoirty and Paul Washer delievers it clearly in this sermon.

 A Must Listen For Every Believer 
This teaching is sobering and much needed in the current climate in which we live. It admonishes us to examine and test ourselves as to whether or not we are in the faith. A work of God that does not continue, was never a work of God!

 Every Christian should listen to this 
This sermon is true undiluted bible truth, it is rare. We must search ourselves to make sure we are not deceived only to be cast out at the last. Sobering, putting the fear of God into us.

 Frightening, Sadening! 
I thought this was very well spoken. It had my attention through the whole thing. One of the boldest messages i have ever heard (up there with ten shekels and a shirt!!) The reason i consider this frightening is because it shows how i need to reform my own life, but it is sad because of how many people NEED to hear messages like this.

 This is a must-listen-to message! 
This sermon so clearly lays out what a Christian is or isn't. "You say you have a new relationship with God, but let me ask you, do you have a new relationship with sin?"-PW. I highly recommend listening to this sermon.

 Shaking truth! 
I thank God for sending this message accross my path. I felt it long and knew it somewhere back in my head, but this brought it into light. May God forgive us for all the people we have lead into a "cheap salvation" and help us to present a life changing, radical and true gospel in the future. Pastor Dan

 It is not about us 
This is one of the most powerful messages that God has reveals to those that listen. I know that threw Gods spirit testifying to my spirit that this is an eye opening message of Christ's disappointment of those that do not live conformed to His likeness. Paul Washer I had never herded, God has a Blessed Him with Wisdom. I know he would think other wise but so would all that know our great God and Savior Jesus Christ. It is well worth the time to listen and to listen to all that God reveals threw Paul. If only there were some one like Paul in Austin, Tx to pour out to this Dying city. Blessing to Paul threw the full joy of Christ.

 Amazing Message for our time 
This message challenged me to examine my life ! These days all we hear among the young people particularly among young christians is about a conveneint Gospel and there is no true pursuit of holiness in our lives. This message convicted the shallowness in faith and challenged me to take a stand for holiness and not compromise with the world! Hope this message blesses the way it blessed me love and prayers vijay

 Please listen 
This is an "edge of your seat" sermon that every minister should attempt to preach in one way or another. The issues of deception of belief, non-saving faith, and failure to know if one is saved are critical to every Christian church and every professing believer who thinks he or she is redeemed (rescued from God's wrath). I highly encourage this long (> 1 hour) but insightful message by Paul Washer, and I look forward to hearing more from him. Jim Dixon

 Great Sermon 
another great sermon-

 Examine Yourself 
2Co 13:5 "Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves."

 I was there when this sermon was preached 
I was there when this message was preached at Grace Community Church in San Antonio, Texas. It was very powerful and convicting. In fact, Paul Washer's wife was saved by that sermon out of her false profession.

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