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 The Tongue of Fire by John Rhys Watkins

Topic: Holy Spirit Fire
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 The Tongue of Fire 
A great message again for our time. In the these days of deception it is imperrative that we learn the meaning of, and receieve the Glorious Baptism of Power! Though this is the work of the Holy Spirit there needs to be a clarity of what is required in the church by Christ the Baptiser. This is not just a gift, it is a command, that we all receive the the endument of power from on high.

 What you believe' is it working in you ? 
I do believe this is that preaching, What passion, what truth, yes Life in the Spirit of God, This is what the Church needs today is the preaching of Christ, many Christians today ask what is truth ? What we believe is it working in are lives? if it is not what is going on ? Are we missing the truth ? What a message,What truth, yes a sermon that is alive.

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