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 Jude #3 - The Angels That Sinned by Chuck Missler

Topic: Jude
Scripture(s): Jude 1:6  
Description: This is a very stange verse in the Word of God that deals with the angels that sinned. Satan who was originally created perfect and was the heighest created being, fell because of his pride and ambition to be worshipped like God and sit in Gods place. Dr Missler puts forward that demons are not fallen angels as demons seem to require a host body where as angels can appear in their own bodies. In Genesis 6 the scripture recalls a period in history when the 'sons of God' which in OT times was always translated 'angels' married human women and had monsterous children known as the Nephilim or 'fallen ones'. He states that this was the sin of the angels that lead to them being imprissoned and probably to the flood in orer to completely destroy the monsterous offspring. Intersting stuff.
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