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 Jude #7 - Enoch by Chuck Missler

Topic: Enoch
Scripture(s): Jude 1:14-15  
Description: Enoch was the first prophet that we know of from the scripture, but why is he mentioned in an epistle about apostacy? Because this is exactly what Enoch prophesied against, Enoch was given a reveltaion from God that caused him to name his son Methuselah (whose name means 'when he dies judgement shall be sent'), no wonder Enoch walked with God after Methusaleh was born. And yet Methuselah is a model of the Lord's grace because he is oldest man in the scripture. Interestingly some rabinical sources claim that Methuselah died one week before the flood, just when Noah entered into the Ark, we do know from the scripture that Methuselah died in the same year as the flood. Enoch confronted the apostates of his day and some signs of apostacy are murmering, just as Israel did at the beginning of Jude, complaining as the angels did, and going after their own lusts just as Sodom and Gomorah did.
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