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 Jude #1 Ch. 1:1-4 Introduction by Chuck Missler

Topic: Jude
Scripture(s): Jude 1:1-4  
Description: Jude is a tiny book of just 25 verses that deals with many different themes from right back in Eden and all the way up to today, the main theme of the book is apostacy, infact Dr Missler refe to Jude as 'the acts of the apostates'. Jude shows how evil works are the result of apostacy just a James shows that true good works are the result of true faith. Interestingly the name Jude means Judas, which of course is a name synonymous with treachory and apostacy. From the first few verses we discover that Jude was the brother of James and most likely the brother of Jesus Himself, we also find that he had originally intended to write an encouraging letter but was constrained by the Holy Spirit to exhort his bretheren to contend for the faith. He had to do this because apostates had crept into the church of Jesus and were denying the foundational doctrines of the Lord.
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 A message for our time 
A great introduction to a very complex book. Chuck draws on a vast wealth of study and understanding. Thank you SI for this gem.

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